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hey, thanks for being here.

My name is Sam Ogborn, and I'm obsessed with marketing...

Maybe you can relate to this.

Growing up, I dreaded going to math class. I would’ve rather been in the library. I lived for reading books, hanging out in English class and learning more about psychology. I’ve always been fascinated by what people do what they do.

On top of that, my parents always joked that when I was younger, while other girls were asking for baby dolls, I was asking when I could get my own computer. I remember sitting in my dad’s office chair as a pre-teen and teaching myself HTML so I could build my own website.

To this day, I love learning about new technology, and finding easier ways to do things. 

So it makes perfect sense that I would be here today, truly in my element and having created my own dream job for myself.

Having spent years in the corporate world, I’ve finally realized that what is the most fulfilling place for me is helping people feel more empowered about marketing. 

I want to help you become a better marketer in any way I can. That is my mission, and I hope I can help you today, or in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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