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O+M's breadth of capabilities

social media management

O+M knows social full stop: from content planning to channel strategy, and community management to reporting.

paid media strategy

Between paid social to paid search and display, we’re experts in tailoring paid objectives that align to your business goals.

search marketing

One of the most important yet overlooked tactics. We use best-in-class tools to evaluate and optimize search presence for discovery.

creative direction + design

Our team of talented designers ensure you have a premium brand look and feel across every platform, from social to email.

email marketing

We develop email automations and campaigns across industry-leading platforms to engage and encourage current and future customers.

influencer strategy

We vet and personalize all of our outreach and campaign planning to meet and exceed client needs. 

I was the first community manager at a major Fortune 500 company...

I carved a niche for myself in social media back when I realized that social was going to be bigger than we imagined. 

Now, my team and I apply that same scrappy future-forward mindset to develop smart marketing for our clients.

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